Saturday, October 5, 2013


Learn from a grass ... we are like a grass, we are the grass.
Grass grown from a small lawn owner, then watered every day, in the hope it will flourish, spreading, then multiply and colonize. After growing much, their will be ready cut by its owner, it has a purpose to look neat and beautiful. When the grass had begun to spread beauty, striking colors, fresh, and shade. However, their is getting spread and tidy with patience their still received a treadle man, when their is happy because of the higher, although it must be willing to cut. The grass grew to provide beauty, coolness, and the protection of life, giving the home for animals, provide for natural scenery, and fill the pages with patience.The grass never angry because knows its existence to what? their never felt more or want to remain higher than other plants? No, because grass has a experienced early life as a small grass.... and grass will smile for us forever...